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osna 8: return to dallas [25 Feb 2005|02:49am]

[ mood | crappy ]

Oh my heck, there's a new OSNA...it's been accepting applications for a while now, but you know you want to apply. ;)

The link is in my AIM profile, or you can go to our little home on the web...


You can get all kinds of cool OSNA (and Persia) related things there, and also...find the application for OSNA 8. ;)

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[15 Dec 2003|02:16pm]

figured I'd just say "wassup" since y'all are cool and stuff :-p

and that I joined...even though I've never played in OSNA :-p

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a welcome [23 Oct 2003|07:08pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

A very OSNA welcome to sparklingspork!!!

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Due dates [22 Oct 2003|08:24pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

Fairbanks votes are due at 8 p.m. eastern tomorrow, same time as Survivor. That's also when the All-Star challenges are due. :)

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some random stuff (yet important) [22 Oct 2003|06:55pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

--first off, welcome to likeavirgin_not and werdnanor

--second, we have a forum! http://osna.proboards24.com

--third, just as a reminder to the final 5 in All-Stars, challenge is due tomorrow night at 8, please do it!

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First post [22 Oct 2003|05:55pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Notice to all Fairbanks contestants: Immunity challenge due at 8 eastern tonight!

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